Personalized Pet ID-Tags For Your Dog

Monogram Dog ID-Tags Designed By

Besides microchipping, pet ID-tags are an important accessory for dogs to increase their chances of finding back home, if they go missing. Destei Dogs has many pet tag designs starting from monograms to patterns and other cute designs. On the back of these round pet tags there is space for your dog's name and for your phone number. Click here to see a video of the pet tags on Youtube.

  • These round pet tags are available in small and large sizes. The ones in the video are size small.
  • The small tags come with very small keyrings. An additional clip is available for purchase as well so that the tag is easy to attach on a dog's collar. Notice: My dog's are wearing the tags using their old much larger keyrings that I already had at home.
  • The tags are easy to personalize with your own details such as pet's name and your phone number. You can also often change the background color of the tag and the type of font, if you like.
Monogram Dog ID-Tags Designed By
Monogram dog paws pattern pet ID-tags

You can find the pet tags seen in this blog post and more through my shop page.