Ladybug Dog Products With Personalized Touch

Ladybug 2017 Summer Design Line Dog Supplies By

With summer comes blooming flowers and sunshine which most of us look forward to, but with the nice warm weather there also comes insects and they might not be the favorite thing about the season for everyone. While some bugs can be scary and bothersome (ticks, anyone?), there are also those insects that are seen useful and possibly even cute. In this case I mean ladybugs. If you are a fan of summer and ladybugs, then this line of cute red ladybug dog supplies might be perfect for you and your dog.

Personalize with your dog's own name

The collar, leash, bandana, placemat and pet tag are all personalizable. It is easy to write your pet's name on the product thanks to the text template I have created. Make a truly unique and personal item both you and your pooch will love!

Personalize with any background color

I chose the green background color for this design, because I thought it complemented the design and made these cute ladybugs pop while also giving the vibe of summer and fresh green grass. However, if you would like to change the green background color to sky blue or any other color, feel free to do so. On the product page there is a customize it button that will allow you to make the change, if you so wish.

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Destei's Ladybug Summer 2017 Designs On Dog Supplies