20 Years Of Dog

B And D Birthday Photos By DesteiDogs.com

"Out of all the days in the year, we have wear these goofy hats on our birthday?" ;D
Thanks for being good sports girls!

Recently my dogs celebrated their birthdays. If you combine their ages together now, it makes a whopping 20 years of dog and that's pretty crazy to me! The years go by so unbelievably fast!

Even though D is now 8 years old, I still kind of consider her the baby of our pack. She's the youngest after all! I also still vividly remember each of the days when they entered in my life. B felt at home immediately and D has been attached to my hip ever since the drive home from the breeder. There's a reason why I lovingly call her my little shadow.

B And D Birthday Photos By DesteiDogs.com

I'm so happy and lucky to have these two beautiful, sweet, silly and intelligent souls in my life. Love them to bits! Happy birthday B and D!

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