10 Dog Activities To Do This Summer

10 Dog Activities To Do This Summer By Desteidogs.com

Here are ten fun dog related things for you to do this summer:

1. Go to a dog beach. Grab along a water toy for your dog to play fetch with. If your dog isn't a fan of fetching, he might still just enjoy meeting other dogs and tipping his toes in the water on a hot summer day.

2. Hike in the forest. A nice long walk in the forest will clear your mind and let's you have quality time with your dog. Remember to bring water for both yourself and for your dog.

3. Take a road trip. If your dog doesn't mind riding in the car, consider traveling to a close by town and take a walk there for a change. This way you and your dog both have new areas to explore. Remember to never leave your dog in a hot car!

4. Have a go at some DIY dog treats. You can find many dog treat recipes in Pinterest, for example.

5. Teach your dog a new trick or join a dog sports / training class.

6. Make a paracord dog collar. Paracord is strong rope that you can weave into a durable dog collar.

7. Take your dog to a dog park to meet fellow canines.

8. Go for a picnic with your friends and family and bring your dog along. Don't forget to provide your dog with a bowl of water and make sure he has access to shade at all times.

9. Get dog safe paint and make a piece of art with your dog's own paw print.

10. Rent a cabin / go camping in an area that welcomes dogs. Keep in mind to not have your dog off leash during wildlife breeding season or in areas where it is otherwise prohibited.

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