Free Printable Dog Christmas Gift Tags

Get Destei's free printable set of six Christmas dog gift tags below. Simply download and print. Then cut out the tags and punch a hole for the string. Enjoy and Happy Howlidays!


DIY Laminated Christmas Ornaments

The Holidays are approaching fast so to get in the spirit of the season, let's make some cute DIY laminated Christmas ornaments using Destei's free printable artwork. If you love crafts, Christmas and dogs of course, then this project is perfect for you! Click here to see a video of the project on Youtube.

You will need:


Free Sitting Dog Coloring Page Printable

Here is another free printable for everyone who loves to pull out their crayons and color. This printable features a cute drawing of a sitting dog. Download it below:


Never Leave Your Dog In A Car

Summer is here and with that comes the sun and heat as well. It is important to remember to keep pets safe from the heat and one thing that is especially important is to never leave them in a car, even for a moment. On a hot day the temperature inside a car increases fast (within minutes) and the vehicle becomes an oven making it unbearable for anyone inside it. Pets left in hot cars will suffer and possibly die from heat stroke. Even if it's a cool day, pets should not be left in a car. Please also do know that by parking in shade or leaving the car windows slightly open does not help!

I have created a free printable that you can download and print: