10 Rare Dog Breeds You Might Not Have Heard Of

Many people know the popular breeds like the Labrador Retriver, Chihuahua or the German Shepherd. However, dogs come in numerous breeds with variety of looks and purposes and not all of them are that common. Have you heard of the breeds below?

1. Norwegian Lundehund - The dog with six toes.

2. Azawakh - A West African sighthound.

3. Tornjak - Bosnia and Herzegovinian and Croatian Shepherd dog.

4. Russo-European Laika - Northern European and Russian originated hunting dog.

5. ҆arplaninac - A livestock guarding kind of dog breed from Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania area.

6. Ariegeois - French pack-hunting scent hound type dog.

7. Entlebucher Mountain Dog - Swiss mountain dog. One of the four breeds of Sennehund.

8. Braque du Bourbonnais - An old French gundog breed.

9. Polish Tatra Sheepdog - Polish livestock guardian type dog.

10. Porcelaine - Scent hound kind of dog breed from France.


20 Random Dog Facts

1. Labrador Retriever is said to be one of the most popular dog breeds.

2. Max and Molly are common dog names.