Free Printable Dog Christmas Gift Tags

Get Destei's free printable set of six Christmas dog gift tags below. Simply download and print. Then cut out the tags and punch a hole for the string. Enjoy and Happy Howlidays!


Festive Christmas Stockings For Dogs

Get your pup their very own stocking to hang on the mantle along with the rest of your family's stockings, because dogs are part of the family too! Destei Dogs has a selection of stylish dog theme stockings with personalizable text areas for your pet's own name!


DIY Laminated Christmas Ornaments

The Holidays are approaching fast so to get in the spirit of the season, let's make some cute DIY laminated Christmas ornaments using Destei's free printable artwork. If you love crafts, Christmas and dogs of course, then this project is perfect for you! Click here to see a video of the project on Youtube.

You will need:


Personalized Pet ID-Tags For Your Dog

Besides microchipping, pet ID-tags are an important accessory for dogs to increase their chances of finding back home, if they go missing. Destei Dogs has many pet tag designs starting from monograms to patterns and other cute designs. On the back of these round pet tags there is space for your dog's name and for your phone number. Click here to see a video of the pet tags on Youtube.


Are You Ready To Become A Dog Owner?

Dogs bring a lot of happiness, companionship and love into our lives, but they also come with a lot of responsibility. Are you truly ready to become a responsible dog owner? Here are some points to consider before getting a dog.

The lifespan of dogs is approximately 13 years. If you are seriously considering getting a dog, you should try to imagine your life with a dog in it for well over a decade. Of course nobody can tell how the future will look like exactly, but you may have dreams and goals you intent to achieve. Do you see a dog by your side in your future plans?


Free Sitting Dog Coloring Page Printable

Here is another free printable for everyone who loves to pull out their crayons and color. This printable features a cute drawing of a sitting dog. Download it below:


Pug Dog Breed Gifts

Are you a fan of the Pug dog breed?

I have designed numerous products featuring my cute cartoon pug dog illustrations in various coat colors. Find cute pug T-shirts that you can wear to showcase your love towards the breed, get warm and wrap yourself in adorable pug fleece blankets while watching TV or get your very own pug dog a personalized food bowl or a pet tag, for example.


Never Leave Your Dog In A Car

Summer is here and with that comes the sun and heat as well. It is important to remember to keep pets safe from the heat and one thing that is especially important is to never leave them in a car, even for a moment. On a hot day the temperature inside a car increases fast (within minutes) and the vehicle becomes an oven making it unbearable for anyone inside it. Pets left in hot cars will suffer and possibly die from heat stroke. Even if it's a cool day, pets should not be left in a car. Please also do know that by parking in shade or leaving the car windows slightly open does not help!

I have created a free printable that you can download and print:


10 Dog Activities To Do This Summer

Here are ten fun dog related things for you to do this summer:

1. Go to a dog beach. Grab along a water toy for your dog to play fetch with. If your dog isn't a fan of fetching, he might still just enjoy meeting other dogs and tipping his toes in the water on a hot summer day.


Name Ideas For Your New Puppy

It can be a difficult task sometimes to find the perfect name for your new puppy. If you need inspiration, here are some fun name themes to think about when trying to come up with the right name for your new family member.

Flowers often have beautiful and timeless names that also work for people and pets. Girl puppy owners especially might like names such as Dahlia, Lily, Aster and Rose.


Free Dog And Bone Coloring Page Printable

Love coloring? Get this free and cute Destei design dog head and dog bone coloring page below.


Bichon Bolognese Dog Breed Gifts

Cute Bichon Bolognese dog breed gifts now available. Shop Bolognese themed T-shirts, pet bowls, tote bags and more items.


Free Running Dog Coloring Page Printable

Free Destei design coloring page now available featuring a cute and happy cartoon dog running on some flowers. Enjoy!


Maltese Dog Breed Gifts

Maltese dog owners and fans can now shop my adorable line of cute Maltese theme products. I have designed Maltese T-shirts for people, Maltese mugs, pet bowls and other items.


Cute Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Gifts

Cute Yorkshire Terrier dog breed gifts now available! If you love this adorable toy breed, see my new product line of Yorkie theme products.


Cute Poodle Dog Breed Gifts

Are you a Poodle owner or maybe you just simply love the breed? Shop my new Standard and Toy Poodle designs on products. Numerous coat colors available including white, grey, black, brown and apricot. Shop cute Poodle dog breed designs on numerous products.


Cute Pomeranian Dog Breed Gifts

I now have designed cute Pomeranian dog breed gifts perfect for Pom owners and fans. Our fluffy cartoon Pomeranians come in variety of coat colors such as orange, black, brown, tricolor and more. Shop cute Pomeranian theme products through the link below.


Cute Welsh Corgi Dog Breed Gifts

I now have designed both Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgi dog breeds! These dogs come in variety of coat colors starting from red and white to fawn sable and tricolor. Get yourself or for the Corgi lover you know a cute Corgi T-shirt, mug, bag or one of these other adorable Corgi products.


Free Animal Word Search Puzzle Printable

Download, print and enjoy my free animal word search puzzle printable. There are 20 animal words to find in this puzzle. Answers to this puzzle are available below as well. Have fun!


Cute German Shepherd Merchandise

I have now designed cute German Shepherd dog breed merchandise. My German Shepherd design currently comes in black and tan, black bi-color, solid black and solid white coat colors. If you love the German Shepherd dog breed, take a look at these cute Schäfer products.


American Staffordshire Terrier Gifts

If you love the American Staffordshire Terrier dog breed, you will most likely enjoy my new Amstaff product line. I have designed seven different coat colors on the Amstaff design including black, blue, brindle, brown, brown sable, fawn and fawn sable. Find them on numerous products.


New Puppy? Checklist Of Supplies For Owner

Bringing a new family member in your life is exciting and it's good to be prepared for the big day. Here is our list of some dog supplies to get before your new puppy arrives. The list covers everything from general dog gear to health related supplies and more. You can also download and print my free puppy checklist printable below as well.

Also don't forget to save your veterinarian's contact number in your phone in case of an emergency.