Old English Mastiff Dog Breed Gifts

I have added cute English Mastiff dog breed products line now. My English Mastiff breed comes in three coat colors; apricot, brindle and fawn.


Dog Playing With Sticks Is Risky

Many dogs love to play fetch so it's not rare to see people grab a stick from the woods and throw it for their dog to play with. At first sight this might seem like harmless fun and throwing sticks to dogs is something that has been done for a long time, but have you ever stopped to think how safe this activity really is?

A dog chasing after a stick or running with a stick in his mouth can be dangerous. While some accidents caused by playing with sticks may be minor there are also risks for crucial injuries and even death. When you throw a stick for a dog to play with you never know how the stick will land or bounce around. For example, there is a possibility for the stick to get stuck in the ground and end up pointing upright. A dog running fast to catch that stick could end up hurting an eye, impaling his body or throat from the wrongly angled stick. Even if the stick lands flat on the ground there is a possibility for the dog to step on one end of the stick causing the other end to rise up and harm the dog. Similar accident can also happen when a dog is running with a stick in his mouth and happen to fall.


Bullmastiff Dog Breed Products

All Bullmastiff owners and those who love the breed can now shop my cute Bullmastiff products. The Bullmastiff design comes in red, fawn and brindle coat colors.


Cute Boxer Dog Breed Gifts

Are you a fan of the Boxer dog breed? I have recently added a selection of cute Boxer products in brindle, fawn and white coat colors.


Rough And Smooth Coat Collie Products

I now have designed both smooth and rough coat Collies! You can find my Collie designs in sable, tricolor and blue merle coat colors. Shop Collie dog breed theme T-shirts, tote bags, pet bowls and more!


Shetland Sheepdog Breed Products

Do you have a Sheltie in your life or do you simply just love the breed? I now have cute Shetland Sheepdog dog breed products available in four coat colors; bi-black, blue merle, sable and tricolor. You can shop Sheltie T-shirts, pet bowls, mugs and more!


Poisonous Foods For Dogs

Here is a list of some food items that are said be harmful to dogs according to my research.

Also human medicine and many plants can be toxic to dogs.


10 Rare Dog Breeds You Might Not Have Heard Of

Many people know the popular breeds like the Labrador Retriver, Chihuahua or the German Shepherd. However, dogs come in numerous breeds with variety of looks and purposes and not all of them are that common. Have you heard of the breeds below?

1. Norwegian Lundehund - The dog with six toes.


20 Random Dog Facts

1. Labrador Retriever is said to be one of the most popular dog breeds.

2. Max and Molly are common dog names.


Cute Boston Terrier Dog Breed Products

Do you love the Boston Terrier dog breed? I have just created various coat colors of this breed on products such as T-shirts and pet bowls.